Created by Life Coach, Eve Sharon Hart, Emotional Prosperity is dedicated to supporting you in your journey of life. Our Programs provide powerful, yet simple tools for personal empowerment and genuine transformation. We offer effective methods for removing obstacles that may have been preventing you from experiencing all the joy life has to offer. Whether you're coping with difficult life transitions or simply motivated to be your very best self, Eve and her team would be honored to help you make positive changes and cultivate the magnificent life you deserve!

Emotional Prosperity is all about generating abundance and wealth; not with money, but with the things that truly matter most, like love, joy, passion and purpose. Many years from now, when you look back over your life, will your most beloved and meaningful memories focus on the expensive car you drove and the designer clothes you wore or will you most passionately remember the loving connections you had with others and the times when you felt fully alive? Won't your most profound memories involve the close relationships you shared with family and friends and the genuine joy you felt when you laughed out loud, gave with your whole heart and soul, and lived and loved with total abandon? It's not too late to create those magical memories now and begin experiencing that deeply fulfilling, passionate and loving life you've always dreamed of.

Emotional Prosperity offers individual programs and one-on-one sessions with Eve, group workshops, seminars, and a luxurious Hawaiian retreat.

Eve Sharon Hart is a personal life coach who created Emotional Prosperity out of a profound commitment to use her gifts of innate understanding, compassion and communication to empower others to transform their lives and live their dreams.

Eve is a life coach, writer, philosopher and lifelong student of human nature. She is also a former entertainment industry entrepreneur, TV producer and entertainment reporter who has interviewed over 300 celebrities and produced TV projects for major film studios and top TV networks.

Over nearly two decades, Eve enjoyed an exciting career as she built her thriving entertainment company, Premiere TV, but as time passed it became increasingly clear that her heart did not belong to Hollywood. About 7 years ago, in the midst of her success, Eve sold her company to become a life coach and fulfill her ultimate dream of making a new career out of helping others fulfill their dreams.

Eve's life coaching journey had actually begun many years earlier and been a work in progress since she was very young. Having grown up in an abusive home, Eve became passionately determined to figure out how to live a happier and healthier life than that which she had endured as a child. Eve left home at 16 to attend college, worked her way through school as a waitress and graduated from the University of California at San Diego with degrees in Psychology and Communications.

During the next two decades, through all her ensuing challenges and triumphs, Eve tirelessly focused on her study of human emotion and pursued her mission to understand why we live our lives the way we do and how to live them that much better. She watched, listened and learned, all the while knowing that her life's purpose lay ahead.

Throughout the decades Eve would regularly awaken from dreams that vividly illustrated her life's calling, showing her visions of teaching and healing. A few years ago she experienced a particularly powerful vision of profound understanding and unconditional love which struck her while fully awake. She knew the time had come. It was from that vision that Emotional Prosperity was born.

Eve completed a life coaching certification program at San Diego's Life Purpose Institute and has been coaching individual clients in her private practice over the last few years. Her one-on-one work has been so successful that it became clear it was time to share the same powerful tools which helped her clients transform their lives with a larger audience.

Eve combines her business experience with her life experience, intuition and passion, to create programs that are as straight forward and practical as they are emotionally sensitive and moving. Her unique approach melds the healing qualities of love and compassion with proactive problem solving and issue resolution for uniquely powerful outcomes. Her programs provide effective, yet simple, tools for creating lives that are truly rich; with love, joy, passion and purpose!

Eve was nominated for the 2012 Orange County Business Journal's 'Women in Business Award'

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